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Cool EMS (New Shipping Service)

Cool EMS is an international postal service delivered in refrigerated without refrigeration.

What's Child EMS ?
That's ChildEMS!

kani_mini縲From the shipment to delivery.縲kani_mini


You make a reservation at the post office.

Chill before you leave your luggage.

You shipped in a refrigerated box postman brought your luggage into the box.

Baggage is carried in the airplane.

We are a phone call home to check before delivery.

We deliver to you out of the cold box luggage.


kani_mini縲Temperature and time縲kani_mini

Luggage is 72-80 hours keep the 2 ~ 10 邃.

kani_mini縲Size and weight縲kani_mini


Size weighs up to 15kg within 26cm width 34cm X 23cm X length maximum height.


Shipment is every Tuesday. Reservation until 17:00 Friday of the previous week.

Currently the post office and Chitose (Hokkaido) Kawasaki Port Post Office is handling (Kanagawa).

Destination is currently in Taiwan and Singapore.

Prices from JPY7,000ス Cool base price + EMS fee based on the weight of your luggage.


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