LIVE KEGANI (crab001)

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All of KEGANI is caught in the sea of Hokkaido. Especially, our company deals with the crab of "Sea of Okhotsk" high quality among the Hokkaido. We have a tank can accept 4t of any crabs(King Crab, Zuwai Crab, KEGANI). Our products keeping the freshness of the best work because all of that is mostly by people do the sorting and collecting then packing with styrene inside 1kg ice pack, and has no stress while a way to shipping. Season:All Year Round Exp Date:5-6 days(boiled)
QuantitySize:L(700-900) M(500-700) S(300-500) g/piece | 6-8 Piece/box with 1kg ice pack inside styrene
crab001 crab001 crab001